Is libgmailer still working?

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Is libgmailer still working?

Postby satanuke » Sun Jan 23, 2011 12:10 pm

I have been trying to use test libgmailer but I cant seem to get any snapshots.
I am using some test code but without success.

What is wrong here? I am not able to read the quota_mb.

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   $gm = new GMailer();
   $gm->setLoginInfo($name, $pwd, $tz);
   if ($gm->connect()) {
    if ($gm->fetchBox(GM_STANDARD, "inbox", 0))
      $snapshot = $gm->getSnapshot(GM_STANDARD);
     if ($snapshot) {
         echo "result = ".$snapshot->quota_mb."\n";

PS: I am using the latest CVS version : 1.0.0 alpha 22Jan08
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