libgmailer snapshot_error libg110

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libgmailer snapshot_error libg110

Postby vibeesh » Fri Nov 07, 2008 8:16 am

i tried the libgmailer-1.37, 1.36, 0.9

versions but it still show s the snapshot_error libg110
my code is below

$gmailer = new GMailer();
if ($gmailer->created) {
$gmailer->setLoginInfo("username", "pwd", 0);
if ($gmailer->connect()) {
echo "<br>Connection successfull";
if(!$gmailer->fetchBox(GM_STANDARD,"inbox",0)) {
echo "<br>Inbox fetching failed";
} else {
echo "<br>Inbox fetch ok";
$snapshot = $gmailer->getSnapshot(GM_STANDARD);
// GMailer connected to Gmail successfully.
// Do something with it.
} else {
die("<br>Fail to connect because: ".$gmailer->lastActionStatus());
} else {
die("<br>Failed to create GMailer because: ".$gmailer->lastActionStatus());

why it is happening
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Re: libgmailer snapshot_error libg110

Postby Neerav » Sat Dec 06, 2008 8:16 am

It is possible that your account is one in which Google has changed something in the signin sequence. Are you able to sign into the same account on
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